The Election Of 2008 Was Historically Significant For Women Because

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A Democratic Party victory of either Presidential candidate Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton would be a significant historic event. One man won one helped him win and one stormed out of Washington DC denouncing the affair as the corrupt bargain.

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O women outnumbered male candidates for the Senate.

The election of 2008 was historically significant for women because. Which statement best describes the election of 2008. 1 The nations three biggest minority groupsblacks Hispanics and Asianseach accounted for unprecedented shares of the presidential. The election of 2008 was historically significant for women because The election of 2008 was historically significant for women because one woman ran for president and one ran for vice president.

Oa third-party female candidate made a strong showing. The outcome of the presidential election in 2008 was historic because the United States elected. In the 2004 Presidential race nine million more women than men voted and when final results are tallied it is expected that we will see even more women voting in this past election.

Her march through the nomination feels less like Barack Obamaswhich came at a time when many Americans could remember African Americans murdered because they tried to register to vote in the Souththan it does like John F. The 2008 United States presidential election was the 56th quadrennial presidential election held on Tuesday November 4 2008The Democratic ticket of Barack Obama the junior US. Senator from Delaware defeated the Republican ticket of John McCain the senior Senator from Arizona and Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska.

For millions of black girls and women Michelle Obama became a role model both for her astonishing educational accomplishments and political achievements in the White House. On November 4 2008 Senator Barack Obama of Illinois defeats Senator John McCain of Arizona to become the 44th US. President and the first African American elected to the White HouseThe 47.

It was the very first election that contained a female candidate with the second being in 2012 which Obama won again and coming up which has not been completed yet but will be soon. The history of women in politics also explains why Clintons candidacy seems less than earth shaking. Shirley Chisholm is widely known for her history-making turn in 1972 when she became the first African American from a major political party to run for president and the first Democratic woman of.

One woman ran for president and one ran for vice president. The election of 2008 was historically significant for women because Oone woman ran for president and one ran for vice president. Which statement best describes the state of the economy when President Obama took office.

In Woodhulls case 1872 is so far ahead of even women getting the right to vote and that campaign for suffrage. This shift was the direct result of an increase in the number of elected Democratic women to its highest level in history coupled with a decrease in the number of elected Republican women to its lowest level in 20 years. The election in which 33 more women of color voted than in 2014 helped Democrats flip the house and launched the careers of rising political stars like first-time Congresswomen Alexandria.

Women have voted in larger numbers than men since 1980. Women strongly preferred Obama to McCain 56-43 whereas men split their vote 49 for Obama and 48 for McCain. Senator from Illinois and Joe Biden the senior US.

The election of 2008 was historically significant for women because Financial institutions were failing housing prices had fallen and unemployment was rising. Two overseas wars and. The election of 2008 was historically significant for women because.

O women outnumbered male candidates for the House. I think they get lost in the historical record for several reasons. It is estimated that 1366 million Americans voted for president this election up from 1223 million in 2004.

The electorate in last years presidential election was the most racially and ethnically diverse in US. That would give 2008 a 641 percent voter turnout rate the highest since 1908. In the 2008 election cycle Democratic women gained a 3 to 1 advantage over Republican women in all of these areas.

The presidential election of 1824 which involved three major figures in American history was decided in the House of Representatives. History with nearly one-in-four votes cast by non-whites according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data by the Pew Research Center. Voter turnout was high because Americans knew important decisions had to be made.

The 2008 American Presidential elections are already historic and scholars and journalists will be writing dissertations and books on it for years. In 2008 the Republican presidential candidate was.

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