What Are The Main Points In Heck Tate's Evidence

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Tims behavior in February combined with the. This provided Atticus with quite the upper hand in the case logically.

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No evidence of rape.

What are the main points in heck tate's evidence. Ewell was trying to kill Atticuss children rather than just scare them. Which one of the witnesses has no use of their left hand. What evidence does Heck Tate find to suggest that Mr.

Mayella appeared to be badly beaten when he got there. Which one of the witnesses is left handed. Atticus cross sections that Mr.

Atticus shows that a left-handed person was likely to have beaten Mayella because she was bruised on the right side of her face. What does Atticus seek to reveal to the jury by asking these questions. Depending on whether or not we agree with his decision Tate is either doing the right thing or weakening the rule of law or both.

-Tom Robinson cannot use his left hand because when he was little he got it caught in a machine – That if she was only hit and beat up on her right side the attacker had to be left handed Youre. Atticus showed that Tom Robinson could NOT have raped or beaten Mayella because his left arm is useless. However the cross check proved that Bob Ewell was in fact less handed.

Since Mayella was hurt on the right side of her body the person who would have hurt her would be left-handed. Right side of Mayellas face bruised. He acts on moral grounds but in doing so he goes against Atticuss ideal of equality under the law.

No Doctor was called 2. 3 Tate went to the Ewell home and found Mayella curled up on the living room floor. Blandly eluded blunt frankly craw switchblade.

Right side of Mayellas face was bruised 3. Ewell came in and said a Negro raped his daughter Mayella Ewell. What are the main points in Heck Tates evidence in To Kill a Mockingbird.

The sheriff in Maycomb. Scout is terrifiedshe thought that mad dogs foamed at the mouth and lunged at peoples throats and only do so in August. He carries a rifle but he insists that hes not as good of a shot as Atticus though this is never confirmedWhile Scout never gets a good or nuanced understanding of how Mr.

What physical evidence links Ewell directly to the attack on Scout. Finger marks all around her neck 1. What are the main points in Heck Tates evidence.

What does Atticus show in his cross-examination of Sheriff Tate. Both Mayellas arms bruised 4. Who was the only witness not present at the scene of the incident.

Robinsons left arm is useless because it had been hurt in a farming accident. Who told Atticus which eye was blackened. CHARACTERS FACTS ESTABLISHED WHAT THE FACTS IMPLY HECK TATE 1.

Which one of the witnesses cried on the witness stand. When Tate got there he found Mayella bruised and beaten and she told him that Tom Robinson had raped her. 2 Ewell told Tate that his daughter was raped by a black man.

The main point in Tates evidence was that Mayella was beaten up on the right side face and neck. Copy down these key points from the testimonies in chapters 17-19. Calpurnia explains that Tim is just twitching not running so they decide to wait for him to get closer.

Heck Tate the sheriff arrive in the car. Tates decision may go against the letter of the law but it follows a different higher to him law. Heck Tate the Sheriff shared that Mayella Ewell was beaten all on the right side of her body.

Hes a tall and slender man who wears cowboy boots. No medical examination of Mayella therefore no evidence of rape. The childrens reactions to heck tates testimony scout found out that it.

Bob Ewell is left-handed. No doctor was called. Tate does try to protect Tom Robinson and gives testimony in court that supports Atticus.

The main points were that Mayella was hit on the right side of her body. CHARACTERS FACTS ESTABLISHED WHAT THE FACTS IMPLY HECK TATES Testimony 1. This could not have been conduted by Tom as his only working hand is his right hand.

Heck Tate describes that on November 21st he was leaving his office when Mr. Gilmer questions Heck Tate who recounts how on the night of November 21 Bob Ewell urged him to go to the Ewell house and told him that his daughter Mayella had been raped. Heck Tate says that he was called to the Ewell house because Bob told him Mayella had been raped.

That was when he got into his car and went to Mr. Tate feels about black people more generally Mr. 1 Heck Tate was fetched by Bob Ewell on November 21st.

Maycomb Sheriff Heck Tate was the first man to take the witness stand in the rape trial of Tom Robinson the focal point of Harper Lees novel To Kill a MockingbirdAfter Bob Ewell came in person. Why do you think Scout cries when she realizes who saved her. What are the main points in Heck Tales evidence what does Atticus show in his cross examination of sheriff tate.

She was badly beaten and when asked said that Tom Robinson had hurt her. In To Kill a Mockingbird the main points in Sheriff Heck Tates testimony in Tom Robinsons trial are that Mayella Ewell was badly beaten and claimed that it was Tom who beat and raped. By signing up youll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to.

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