Conferred Meaning

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Confer upon someone or something 1. Unearned entitlement unearned advantage conferred dominance After reading this piece by Peggy McIntosh I felt like a fraud.

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Confer definition to consult together.

Conferred meaning. The Protection of the Rights Conferred by Patents 52-54Chapter III. Representation before the Office 55-70Chapter IV. In this usage a noun or pronoun is often used between.

The definition of conferred is to have discussed a particular issue or gave an honor to someone. Each year the teacher would confer the special honor of summer hamster-sitter on one responsible student. Conferred a medal on the hero.

Contrary to popular belief this isnt the date of your graduation ceremony. The date your degree was conferred is the date you officially graduated from your degree program this is the date that applications often ask for. We need to meet this afternoon and confer on the candidates weve interviewed so far.

Your mother and I need to confer on this issue before we make a decision. Conferred conferring confers v. Consult Synonym Discussion of confer.

See confer Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. To discuss something with someone. Carry on a discussion or deliberation.

How to use confer in a sentence. You can confer a medal on a winner or hero or you can confer status through a promotion or assignment. Synonyms Antonyms of conferred 1 to give the ownership or benefit of something formally or publicly the British monarch continues to confer knighthood on those who are outstanding in their fields of endeavor.

The Definition also included some Notes on the Application of the Definition and an Analysis of the Rights Conferred by Article 5 of the Convention. Synonyms for conferred include created accorded bestowed granted appointed awarded designated named nominated and allotted. To exchange ideas on a particular subject often in order to reach a decision on what action to.

When your degree is conferred it shows you are a legal and official graduate of your program. When you discussed a kitchen renovation with your husband this is an example of when you conferred on the kitchen renovation. There are two ways to earn a conferred degree.

Adjective of a gift award or honor bestowed or awardedPosthumously conferred awards will be presented to the deceaseds spouse or next-of-kin. Conferred synonyms conferred pronunciation conferred translation English dictionary definition of conferred. A carefully worded statement that conferred.

To bestow something often a title or honor on someone. As I probably already mentionned it something shifted inside of me I was no longer a white woman trying to understand and undo the wrong of my ancestors but I was the benefactor of their actions. This is the meaning that is nowadays paired with the degree conferring that we are about to discuss.

Confer has a second use meaning bestow which means to award or hand over something. Confer-ferred-ferring the meaning usually involves discussion comparison of ideas and of course gifting or honoring someone. Find more similar words at.

At the most basic level the phrase conferred degree means youve finished all the academic and administrative requirements of your education program. Information and translations of conferred in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Confer definition is – to compare views or take counsel.

When you awarded someone a degree and presented him with a diploma this is an example of when you conferred a diploma. What Does Date Conferred Mean. Degree Conferral Academic Meaning.

To invest with. What Is a Conferred Degree.

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