Which Of The Following Statements About Culture Is True?

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Soc 100 Unit 2 Milestone 2 Which of the following statements about strain theory is true. DAll of the above statements are true.

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Their traditional high-fish diet provides sufficient vitamin D making a reduction in pigmentation unnecessary.

Which of the following statements about culture is true?. It is the view that a given culture be understood in terms of local values. Culture is used to interpret the world. D all of the above 3.

Individuals will interpret their experiences in a new culture in terms of that new culture. B It has no effect on human biological evolution. Which of the following statements is true regarding culture.

Individuals living in a culture share no characteristics with those from different cultures. Strain theory argues that group associations explain why people engage in deviant behavior. A It can affect the direction of human biological evolution.

AWhat is right or wrong depends on the culture. C Since culture is in our minds it leaves no evidence for paleoanthropologists to dig up. It is the argument that there is a universal moral standard.

Culture represents different patterns of believing. There is a lot of Spanish influence. There is little ethnic diversity B.

A strong culture can be good or bad. B Archaeologists dig up culture in their excavations. All of these statements about culture are true.

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding cultural relativism as an approach in international business ethics. E all of the above. All human groups have culture b.

Which of the following statements is true about culture shock. Which of the following statements about culture is true. Individuals living in a culture are experiencing a culture unchanged from the one of the generation before them.

Culture is recognized as a source of competitive advantage. Most of the people are of Taino descent. Individuals living in a culture express that culture in predictable and identical ways.

Which of the following statements is TRUE about strong cultures. Organizational culture is rarely related to performance. Which of the following statements about the culture in Central America is true.

CONCEPT Strain Theory 2 Jina works as a home health aide for elderly patients. Strain theory was developed by Robert K. BA guide for what is legal and appropriate is the local culture.

Which of the following statements is true concerning culture. Corporate cultures can hinder individuals in making the right decisions. Who first defined culture as that complex whole which includes knowledge belief art law morals custom and any other capabilities.

Culture acts as a lens through which one views the world and is passed on from one generation to the next. Which of the following statements is true of culture. A strong culture is most effective in an unstable situation.

C Culture often provides detailed prescriptions for appropriate behavior. Rewards and incentives have no impact on company cultures. Corporate cultures are generally static but can be changed by voluntary action of the top managers.

Culture is the major reason for human adaptability c. Human groups differ in their capacities for culture d. 145 Which of the following is true about corporate culture.

In terms of geological time they have not been in the area long enough for their skin color to have adapted. Which of the following statements about ethnic diversity around the world are true. Which of the following statements regarding culture is true.

The culture is a dynamic set of interrelated and interconnected patterns of the society that is basis of the diverse orientation of the events and is dynamic in nature and changes as per the norms of the society and is thus transmitted from on generation or one person to another and is gradually develops over the diverse. Not every organization has a culture. C Culture is a powerful human tool for survival.

Can you check my answer. D The nature of cultural influences is such that we are consciously aware of them. A member of a new fundamentalist church believes that she has found the one true way to achieve salvation and that members of other religions are.

A strong culture is a great asset during a company merger. A Culture is a relatively simple concept. The capacity for culture is shared by all humans e.

All of these statements about culture are true. Corporate cultures shape the people of the organization without getting affected by them. It is the tendency to view anothers culture as superior and to use that cultures values to judge the behavior and beliefs of your own.

Culture is the generalized beliefs or behaviors that are considered by an individual or a group to be important. Which of the following statements is true about organizational culture. CCompanies should follow the moral norms of the local culture.

Culture includes both symbolic and material elements. A Languages are cultures. B Culture is acquired.

Culture provides employees with a road map and a set of rules for how work gets done and how people interact in the company. Which of the following statements about culture is not true. It is the feeling of surprise and disorientation that people experience when they witness cultural practices different from their own.

Cultural learning is uniquely elaborated among humans. 22 All of the following statements are true EXCEPT. A strong culture is very easy to mold or change.

Which of the following statements about cultural variations is true. Strain theory argues that people always conform because they want to get ahead. Culture is the entire way of life of a group of people.

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