Are Directions Capitalized

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We walked south for three miles. The directions of the compass are not capitalized unless they are used as part of the proper name of a region.

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Capitalize directions when you are referring to a region as a title for the region and not the direction.

Are directions capitalized. For example The hurricane move north towards the Gulf Coast. It was clear that Mother made dinner. The trail continued west all the way to the coastline.

The cardinal directions and intercardinal directions like southwest northwest etc should not be capitalized. Hes from the Pacific Northwest. Directions east west north south.

For those who are looking for a general rule of thumb the answer to the question When do you capitalize directions the answer is You capitalize north east south and west when theyre part of a proper name but you dont if they only indicate direction. 6 Capitalize Most Words in Titles. However consider the following.

When youre naming a region directions are capitalized. Names of family members are not capitalized unless they are used as names. This is because the directions are not specific and unique enough and are used fairly commonly in ordinary language and writing.

The general rule to follow is to use lowercase when referring to compass directions and to capitalize when referring to specific regions. North South East and West as Directions When north south east and west refer to generic directions ie the points of the compass they are not capitalized. When these are official locations labeled on maps they are always styled with initial capitalization unless of course the map styles some or all labels with all uppercase letters.

If you capitalized the word south in The birds are flying South for the winter the reader may assume the birds are flying to the American South not necessarily in the southern direction. Note in particular that compass points used in isolation shouldnt be capitalized. Similarly you are expected to capitalize cardinal directions when they constitute a member of proper names.

It was clear that my mother made dinner. Many geographical designations include north south east or west or combined forms such as northwest as part of their names. Identify when to capitalize directions.

Capitalize north south east west and derivative words when they designate definite regions or are an integral part of a proper name. The capitalization rules for titles of books movies and other works vary a little between style guides. What time is it on the West Coast.

At the most basic level the standard advice is to lowercase north south east and west when used as compass directions and to capitalize them when they are used as part of a proper noun or adjective or refer to regions or geographic areas. But we would not usually capitalize the same word when using it as an adjective in mass market or mass transit It pays then to double check whether religious terms have other uses. Otherwise leave the direction or phrase in lower case.

Scotland is to the north of England. Capitalize a direction or phrase if its a widely recognized place name that would be identified as such on a map. AP Style holds to the general rule of lowercasing compass directions and capitalizing regions.

One hint although its not 100 definitive is that if you can put the word the in front of the name its often capitalized. I live to the west of Detroit Michigan. The West Coast has beautiful scenery.

I am going south for winter. For instance if your house is on the West Coast you will need to capitalize the cardinal direction west. Settlers moved into the West.

In general you should capitalize the first word all nouns all verbs even short ones like is all adjectives and all proper nounsThat means you should lowercase articles conjunctions and prepositionshowever some style guides say to capitalize. In the past it was common to capitalize the first letters of pronouns when referring to religious figures. Giving someone directions or describing the direction of an object is not capitalized.

Typically you are expected to capitalize proper names. For example Atlanta New Orleans and Nashville are all in the South not the south. Capitalize names of directions when they are part of a proper noun like the name of a company publication or university.

Now since it functions as a member of such a name you capitalize it.

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