What Does Phenomenal Mean

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What does phenomenal mean. Creed religion age sexual orientation the family she was born into or the colour of her skin do not matter.

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Incroyable surprenant stupéfiant exceptionnel ahurissant.

What does phenomenal mean. Video shows what phenomenal means. Phenomena is the plural of phenomenon which most generally refers to an observable occurrence or circumstance. She is phenomenal for what she does with her imperfections.

A phenomenal woman has imperfections. A spoken definition of phenomenal. Relating to or being a phenomenon.

All women are capable of being phenomenal the poem implies if they embrace who they are instead of trying to fit in with arbitrary social standards. The adjective PHENOMENAL has 2 senses. Your dogs phenomenal performance at the agilty competition earned her a blue ribbon and a handful of biscuits.

Exceedingly or unbelievably great. Perceptible by the senses through immediate experience. PHENOMENAL used as an adjective is rare.

The term noumenon is generally used in contrast with or in relation to the term phenomenon which refers to any object of the senses. Your phenomenal at reading. She is driven by her thoughts and makes her thoughts a reality.

She is phenomenal because she is true to herself. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. The mites breed at a phenomenal rate in soft furnishings such as pillows and mattresses Breath was going in and out of her at a phenomenal rate and she found herself in a cold sweat Just to play in the Open would have been amazing but to play in front of such a phenomenal crowd was tremendous.

If you think something is amazing astounding or marvelous you can also call it phenomenal. Concerned with phenomena rather than with hypotheses. In fact the poem suggests that accepting and loving yourself is in itself an extraordinary act within a society that promotes insecurity and self-loathing in women.

It is used to mock someone to make someone who has no special talents or traits think they are Phenomenal. I love that poem. Used to describe someone who is neither extraordinary nor unusual.

For example hurricanes and tornadoes are two kinds of weather phenomena. Known through the senses rather than through thought or intuition. Of or relating to a phenomenon.

énorme formidable immense terrible prodigieux. Phenomenal definition highly extraordinary or prodigious. When I read it I felt wonderful.

But to do the complete opposite. Diana says to a illiterate 18 year old boy. Extremely successful or special especially in a surprising way.

Phenomenal means extraordinary wonderful outstanding remarkable exceptional. Groove Groove – Kevin Ma. Typewriter – Tamskp Licensed under CCBA 30 Outro Music.

It was sent to me by a friend a few years ago. Phenomenon Noun An observable fact or occurrence or a kind of observable fact or occurrence. A phenomenal woman can be any shape or size.

Something that is phenomenal is so great or good that it is very unusual indeed. Phenomenal things arent just cool theyre truly remarkable and possibly even unique.

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