Catalyst In A Sentence

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The president would do anything to catalyze a change amongst the current system. 2 The last step is to regenerate the catalyst.

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Examples from Classical Literature This simple act may have been the catalyst which gave Burl the solution to the problem.

Catalyst in a sentence. Examples of Catalyst in a sentence Fortunately for battery manufacturers the ice storm was a catalyst for increased battery sales. How to use catalyst in a sentence. Getting kicked out of your parents house might be a catalyst for becoming more independent.

Keep scrolling for more. It can be negative news that rattles investors and breaks. Catalyst in a sentence esp.

We may then compare the catalyst to what is known as a good mixer in society. The enzyme was the catalyst that triggered the chemical reaction. How To Use Catalyst In A Sentence.

Examples of Catalyze in a sentence Dr. Sentence with the word catalyst Malone had filed the word catalyst in his mental Rolodex right beside another nagging question. Catalyst Sentence Examples His caustic expression served as a catalyst to her boredom.

Examples of catalyst in a sentence how to use it. Catalyst in chemistry any substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed. All I needed was a catalyst.

Lower rates will be the catalyst for growth he said. The catalyst list of example sentences with catalyst. Notably the reaction rates attained by such catalysts are moderate usually.

Enzymes are naturally occurring catalysts responsible for many essential biochemical reactions. The action of a catalyst is rather mysterious and whenever we have a mystery we need an analogy. The term catalyst is often used to refer to the prime agent of any change.

Adversity acted as a catalyst. A catalyst is an event or person causing a change. His belligerent attitude toward car driving became the catalyst for this thought provoking drama.

Sentences Mobile Your group could become a catalyst for improving your work environment. She was the catalyst for the reorganization. In the financial media a catalyst is anything that precipitates a drastic change in a stocks current trend.

The China-Taiwan story was just the catalyst they needed. Jakes termination from his job was the catalyst for his uncontrollable anger. In general catalytic action is a chemical reaction between the catalyst and a reactant.

Its difficult to see catalyst in a sentence. Definition of catalyst a person thing or event that quickly causes change or action Examples of catalyst in a sentence Fortunately for battery manufacturers the ice storm was a catalyst for increased battery sales. Good sentence like quote proverb Catalyst in a sentence 1 A catalyst is a substance which speeds up a chemical reaction.

She was proud to be a catalyst for reform in the government. Colangelo is the catalyst behind bringing the NHL to the Valley. Examples of catalyst in a Sentence The bombing attack was the catalyst for war.

Every chain of events starts with one push a catalyst the perfect mix of different elements that craft a path and make an outcome more likely. Youll be pleasantly surprised at how this approach will act as a catalyst. She was a major catalyst for change and I admired her.

Deep in the stomach enzymes are working together to catalyze reactions. Catalyst in a sentence catalyst example sentences Your son is the catalyst. Martin Luther King Jr.

Used sit-ins and marches to catalyze laws in the US. When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with a catalyst such as permanganate of potash it breaks down into oxygen and water. Wachtershauser said referring to the natural catalysts of living cells.

Recent Examples on the Web The moment was a catalyst for other competitive leagues to follow suit. Word History of catalyst More Example Sentences Learn More about catalyst.

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