What Does Controversial Mean

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A controversy is a prolonged dispute debate or state of contention especially one that unfolds in public and involves a stark difference of opinion. Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness.

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One example of this is Oliver Cromwell.

What does controversial mean. Mzm is an innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may be found offensive or suggest something unpleasant. Controversies are usually public disagreements about important matters. Homologoumenos confessedly without controversy.

The word was coined from the Latin controversia as a composite of controversus turned in an opposite direction from contra against and vertere to turn or versus hence to turn against. If you describe something or someone as controversial you mean that they are the subject of intense public argument disagreement or disapproval. Controversy can refer to a specific dispute as in T he recent controversy started three weeks ago or a general state of contention as in Important literature usually results in controversy.

Disputed contended contentious at issue More Synonyms of controversial COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. If you describe something or someone as controversial you mean that they are the subject of intense public argument disagreement or disapproval. A statement or general idea inciting or actively provoking argument between the arrogant and the idiotic.

What does controversial mean. When it was first suggested that passive smoking was harmful the idea was controversial and the evidence thin. If something is controversial it divides opinions – this means people cant agree and have opposite views on it.

Things commonly called controversial include topics actions and people particularly for what they say and do. Kon-tro-ver-si ribh strife contention. With the inhabitants of the land.

One of those few instances in which the arrogant have the ability to take the moral high ground. Furthermore what is a polite way of saying something controversial. A controversy is often oral and sometimes continued in books or in law for months or years.

What does controversial mean. Kids Definition of controversial. Controversial describes something that is likely to create disagreement.

With His people. Immigration is a controversial issue in many countries. How to use controversial in a sentence.

Arousing controversya debate or discussion of opposing opinions. This left no room for controversy about the title. Information and translations of controversial in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Dispute is often or generally a debate of short duration a temporary debate. What does controversial mean. How to pronounce definition.

Relating to or causing disagreement or argument a controversial law. Controversial is the adjective form of the noun controversy which is a prolonged dispute debate or state of contention especially one that unfolds in public and involves a stark difference of opinion. Immigration is a controversial issue in many countries.

Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate usually concerning a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view. A dispute is commonly oral and a controversy in writing. Used frequently of disputes among men as Deuteronomy 178 and then transferred to the justice of God as directed against the sins of menThus we read of Yahwehs controversy with the nations Jeremiah 2531.

Controversial definition is – of relating to or arousing controversy. Causing disagreement or discussion. Proving their controversial claim will be difficult for the two sisters however Tackling these big and controversial issues early in the third term would make sense Over recent days the controversial issue of the politics of aid has begun to emerge.

In this word stop we look at the meaning of – CONTROVERSY. The adjective controversial is from the Latin from controversus disputed formed from the prefix contra- against plus versus from vertere to turn The Latin suffix ialis corresponding to the English suffixes ial and al means relating to or characterized by. A controversial stand on human rights.

Video shows what controversial means. Of producing or marked by controversy. A controversial issue decision speech figure The book was very controversial.

Adjective Politics is an example of a controv.

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