What Does Implement Mean

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Implementation as a phase of the nursing process involves putting the plan of care nursing interventions into effect. The interface keyword is used to declare a special type of class that only contains abstract methods.

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Implĕ-men-tashun putting an instrument or plan into action.

What does implement mean. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. If you implement something such as a plan you ensure that what has been planned is. An implement can be as simple as chimpanzees using a stick to eat ants with or a bulldozer that moves huge amounts of earth in building.

Instrumentation a piece of equipment or tool used to effect an end Familiarity information. How to pronounce de. Implementation refers to the carrying out a plan like your schools implementation of the new dress code that will start in August for now you can keep wearing your jeans.

Tool is commonly applied to manual implements such as are used in carpentry plumbing etc. Synonym Discussion of implement. Implement definition any article used in some activity especially an instrument tool or utensil.

What does Implement mean. IMPLEMENT used as a noun is very rare. An article used to outfit or equip someone.

The noun implement is a very useful word for just about anything you want to describe as a tool or a thing that helps you do something. What does implement mean. To access the interface methods the interface must be implemented kinda like inherited by another class with the implements keyword instead of extends.

Implementation Noun The process of moving an idea from concept to reality. The implements keyword is used to implement an interface. To put a plan or system into operation.

A tool utensil or other piece of equipment used in doing work. Congress refused to pass the bill that would implement tax reforms. The nurse coordinates her activities with those of others responsible for contributing to patient care and delegates responsibility to other.

Implements is a keyword in java which is used to implement an interface. Now that the requirements are complete we can move on to implementation. Implement applies to any device used to carry on some work or effect some purpose agricultural implements.

A tool or instrument for working with. In business engineering and other fields implementation refers to the building process rather than the design process. Instrument specifically implies use for delicate work or for scientific or artistic purposes surgical instruments and may also be applied as are tool implement to a thing.

Implement definition is – a device used in the performance of a task. Video shows what implement means. To supply with implements.

Implement synonyms implement pronunciation implement translation English dictionary definition of implement. How to use implement in a sentence. Information and translations of Implement in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

A tool utensil or other piece of equipment used for a particular purpose.

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