Likely Definition

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If something is likely it will probably happen or is expected. Most likely 1 used to indicate the chance that something will happen The car is likely to break down soon.

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That which is most consonant to reason.

Likely definition. Something not likely to happen. Il est généralement placé après le nom et saccorde avec le nom ex. There is a good chance that the car will break down soon.

Likely definition is – having a high probability of occurring or being true. And on the contrary that a man who has been guilty of perjury will not under the same circumstances tell the truth. Likely as an adverb is preceded by another intensifying adverb as in it will very likely rain or it will most likely rain.

Some usage guides consider adverbial likely – instead of probably – to be poor style and an artificial sometimes pretentious way to imply a sense of erudition. The likelihood of occurrence of a specified event which is often represented as a number between 0 never and 1 always that corresponds to the long-run frequency at which the event occurs in a sequence of random independent trials under identical conditions as the number of trials approaches infinity. En général seule la forme au masculin singulier est donnée.

In standard British English when likely is used as an adverb it must be preceded by a submodifier such as very most or more as in we will most likely see him later. How to use most likely in a sentence. Reasonably likely means a determination by ODOT pursuant to OAR 660-012-0060 that funding to construct a planned improvement to a state highway included in a regional or local transportation system plan or comprehensive plan is likely to be available by the end of the planning period.

How to define Likely. Experts say a yes vote is still the likely outcome. Likely definition meaning and example sentences.

Describes a noun or pronoun–for example a tall girl an interesting book a big house credible plausible adj adjectif. If this is your first baby its far more likely that youll get to the hospital too early. See Usage Note at liable.

Whats the likely outcome of this whole business. Adjective You use likely to indicate that something is probably the case or will probably happen in a particular situation. Likely definition probably or apparently destined usually followed by an infinitive.

As an adverb likely is often preceded by a modifier such as most or quite. Do remind me because Im likely to forget. Has a good chance of being the case or of coming about she is likely to forget a likely place for a restaurant the broken limb is likely to fall rain is likely a likely topic for investigation likely candidates for the job these services are.

In informal US English use without a submodifier is very common and not regarded as incorrect as in we will likely see him later. It is located near the South Fork of the Pit River 18 miles south of the county seat of Alturas at an elevation of 4449 feet. Possessing or displaying the qualities or characteristics that make something probable.

That which is likely to happen. Its likely that the car will break down soon. Un ballon bleu une balle bleue.

Most likely definition is – more likely than not. I suppose that might happen but its not very likely. Its use without an intensifier as in it will likely rain is regarded as unacceptable by most users of British English though it is common in colloquial US.

They are likely to become angry with him. Sample 1 Based on 1 documents. For example there is a strong probability that a man of a good moral character and who has heretofore been remarkable for truth will when examined as a witness under oath tell the truth.

How to use likely in a sentence. Likely is a census-designated place in Modoc County California.

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