Do Fish Get Thirsty

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From whether flying fish really fly to how every animal is different we answer 10 of your most burning questions about animalsGET YOUR VERY OWN DOLAN SHIRTS. Fish dont feel thirst in the same way that you and I and our pet animals like dogs cats horses birds etc experience thirst.

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But NO fish do not get thirsty not in the way we do anyway and some of them dont actually even drink water at all.

Do fish get thirsty. When fish get thirsty do they drink sea water. The answer is still no. Do fish ever get thirsty.

In this case these fish have a higher concentration of salts in the body than that of their environment. So the short answer to whether fish ever get thirsty is thought to be no at least not on a conscious level. I mean aside from being out of the water of course.

No a fish does not get thirsty. Posted by 6 months ago. Fish can develop dehydration if their body salt content is off much like humans.

No they dont have the sense to feel thirst but yes they do drink water. Could be handy for hunting fish. It sounds simple but its more complicated than that.

A fish in the group that comprises all ray-finned fishes apart from the primitive bichirs sturgeons paddlefishes freshwater garfishes bowfins. Fish are amazing animals and have some very cool solutions to living in water. So salt water fish do drink water does that mean that they get thirsty.

This is actually an interesting question because it involves the term thirst which is defined as a drive to drink water. Do fish ever get thirsty. Its merely a reflex that occurs without actually requiring a conscious decision on their part.

This is a great question Torben thanks very much for sending it in. Mammals exhibit this drive and they drink as part of the physiological control mechanisms they use to maintain salt and wa. Tend to be quite ahem thirstyRowley even Tweeted a photo.

Technically freshwater fish do not drink water because it can lead to their blood getting too diluted. Freshwater fish dont actively drink water by their mouth because if they do they run a high risk of having their blood diluted. The short answer is we dont know for sure if fish get thirsty.

Do fish ever get thirsty. Do fish get thirsty. Do Fish Get Thirsty.

Parasitic wasp riding a damselflyThis. Why Fish Can Drink Salt Water And We Cant Video. And as always feel free to send on your own questions or those of your children and I will do my best to answer here.

The short answer is yes some fish do drink. So fish probably never feel thirsty like we humans do. As with marine fish river or freshwater fish also drink water but in noticeably smaller quantities.

They may not feel thirsty like mammals do but their body does send a signal to their brain that they need to balance the salt content within their body so they will increase or decrease the amount of water they are consuming. In this case when the fish drink water it forces a loss of salt in the body. Is there an equivalent to thirst for Marine Life.

The short answer is yes some fish do drink seawater but not all of them. But before we get on to how they actually drink water it is essential we classify them first based on the salinity of the water they live in. When you say youre thirsty its your body telling your brain about the lack of water and triggers the urge to fill it.

Its impossible to know what a non-human animal truly experiences says Tillmann Benfey professor of fish physiology and aquaculture at the University of New Brunswick Canada in an email interview. As they live in water they probably dont take it in as a conscious response to seek out and drink. As everyone knows fish live under the water but the question is do they drink water and do they get thirsty.

Fish do not really need to feel thirsty to drink. This thread is archived. Torben aged nine Sussex UK.

The simple answer is yes they do drink water but it all depends on the type of fish. Ah out of the mouths of babesi was showing my neighbors child my new fish and he posed this question didnt know how to answeri know that water for them is like air to usso when they come up for air is that thier way of taking a drinkmmmmm or due they get it from food they must be able to get thirsty i would think. When fish get thirsty do they drink sea water.

If you have anything to add let me know in the comments below. The answer is yes. This is a great question Torben thanks very much for sending it in.

Torben aged nine Sussex UK. However seawater fish actively drink a lot of water to keep themselves hydrated at all times.

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