Revolution In A Sentence

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The revolution has taken over but maybe not so here. The focus of this chapter is the American Revolution.

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English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Revolution in Example Sentences Page 1.

Revolution in a sentence. If it was a revolution it was a strange one. Revolution was in the air. The scientific revolution is reflected by an explosion in amateur astronomy.

Toppled overthrew Cell phones created a new revolution in technology. How to use revolution in a sentence. Examples of revolution in a sentence how to use it.

The Americans won their liberty from the British in a revolution. The earth makes a yearly revolution aroun. The scientific revolution in 17th century Europe stimulated innovation and discovery in Britain.

A Revolution in the way we think. The revolution replaced the dictators absolute power with democracy. This historical drama retells the 1835-36 Texas revolution surrounding the famous siege of the Alamo.

Revolution and revolt Synonym Discussion of revolution. It was the decade of revolution. The motion of an object around a point especially around another object or a center of mass.

During the French Revolution thousands of people were guillotined. Burns hated European monarchies and helped lead the American Revolution. Its associated with the American Revolution.

Sparked started launched led The revolution occurred in May. Examples of scientific revolution in a sentence how to use it. Revolution in a sentence revolution example sentences.

The internet revolution was a do-it-yourse. Examples of revolution in a sentence. Definition of Industrial Revolution.

He sparked a revolution among the people. Every revolution contains in it something of evil. – By no means.

A revolution that was settled scientifically over a century ago is still a hot button issue in the United States. Due to this substantial shift in available workers and the development of the industrial revolution children began to work earlier in life in companies outside of the home. The rapid development of industry that occurred in the late 18th and 19th centuries brought about by the introduction of machinery.

Youve had a digital revolution. Its difficult to see revolution in a sentence. The industrial revolution changed many of the ways in which farming was performed.

CK 1 31829 A revolution broke out in Mexico. Revolution definition is – the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course. This social revolution has taken 50 years to complete but had an inauspicious start.

CK 692501 The revolution ushered in a new era. New England was key to the industrial revolution in the United States. Its difficult to see scientific revolution in a sentence.

Rather he stressed that the more people the greater the energy for socialist. The American Revolution gave independence t. The revolution in society has reached this class.

Examples of Revolution in a sentence. Tired of the dictatorship that ruled over them the people took up arms and began a revolution to replace the government with a democracy. The government has been successful in chasing the revolutionaries into the countryside.

She authored a history of the Chinese Revolution. Occurred took place happened broke out The revolution toppled the government. Revolution over a century ago.

A revolution is a toll. Examples of how to use the word revolution in a sentence. What does revolution mean.

During the Industrial Revolution a majority of the population shifted from rural farming areas to industrialized cities. Many coalfields were developed in the industrial revolution. No student of the scientific revolution can do without it.

Examples of Industrial Revolution in a sentence. How to connect revolution with other words to make correct English sentencesrevolution n. Trimble saw a revolution in commercial navigation based on the satellites.

Created launched started introduced. This is the real revolution. 1058976 Revolutions that dont succeed are soon forgotten.

A change in the way a country is governed usually to a different political systemand often using violence or warUse revolution in a sentenceBack to 3000 Most Common Words in English. Apparent movement of such a body round the earth. The industrial revolution has emptied the countryside and swelled the cities.

It is not a revolution of guns. Optics developed during the Scientific revolution with a theory of lenses. The Russian Revolution occurred on November 7 1917.

Listen to all All sentences with pause Used with verbs. During the first decades of the industrial revolution in England from 1750 there was.

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