Define Multitudinous

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Meaning pronunciation picture example sentences grammar usage notes synonyms and more. Existing in great numbers.

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Definition of multitudinous adjective in Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

Define multitudinous. Consisting of many parts. What are synonyms for multitudinous. Multitudinous definition forming a multitude or great number.

Multitude definition is – the state of being many. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word multitudinous. The definition of multitudinous is many or with many parts.

A night sky of multitudinous stars The performers displayed their multitudinous talents. Existing in great numbers. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.

How do you use multitudinous in a sentence. An example of multitudinous is the description of a crowd in a 50-person maximum capacity room with 60 people inside. What is the definition of multitudinous.

ˌmʌltɪˈtjuːdɪnəs us ˌmʌltəˈtuːdɪnəs consisting of many things or parts. Multitudinous is one of many English words that make use of the combining form multi- from Latin multus meaning many Multicolored multifunctional and multimillionaire are just a few of the others. What is the meaning of multitudinous.

Existing occurring or present in great numbers. Quotations obsolete Of or relating to the multitude of the common people. Multitudinous in British English ˌmʌltɪˈtjuːdɪnəs or multitudinary ˌmʌltɪˈtjuːdɪnərɪ.

Princetons WordNet 000 0 votesRate this definition. How to use multitude in a sentence. Consisting of many parts.

Quotations Crowded with many people. Countless infinite innumerable innumerous multitudinous myriad numberless uncounted unnumberable unnumbered unnumerable adj too numerous to be counted. Quotations Coming from or produced by a large number of beings or objects.

This is a fancy way to describe more than a whole lot of something so many in fact that you could never count them all. 4 Its riddled with multitudinous cracks and fissures along the crests of ocean ridges – where plate-tectonic action cracks and spreads apart the seafloor. You couldnt count it if you tried.

A night sky of multitudinous stars The performers displayed their multitudinous talents. Comprising a large number of parts. ˌmʌltɪˈtjuːdɪnəs consisting of many things or parts.

The multitudinous facets of Christmas that season of hope but also that season of unbearable loneliness for so many of New Yorks internal exiles are captured memorably here in Didions painfully accurate prose. 3 As Darwins theory made clear these multitudinous forms developed as a result of small changes in offspring and natural selection of those that were better adapted to their environment. Anything multitudinous is countless infinite innumerable and myriad.

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