Extinguish Synonym

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39 synonyms of extinguish from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 103 related words definitions and antonyms. Fire ignite inflame Find the right word.

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Synonyms for extinguish include douse quench smother put out blanket dowse stifle dout snuff out and stamp out.

Extinguish synonym. To extinguish a candle. Put out smother blow out stamp out beat out douse fight a fireblaze tackle snuff out dowse. SYNONYMS destroy end finish off put an end to put a stop to bring to an end terminate remove annihilate wipe out wipe off the face of the earth wipe off the map erase eliminate eradicate obliterate liquidate expunge abolish exterminate kill extirpate obscure suppress disrupt undo upset.

To cause to cease burning. Extinguish 1 blow out douse put out quench smother snuff out stifle 2 abolish annihilate destroy eliminate end eradicate erase expunge exterminate extirpate kill obscure put paid to remove suppress wipe out English Collins Dictionary – English synonyms Thesaurus. 81 synonyms for extinguish.

Put out stifle smother blow out douse snuff out quench destroy. Extinguish – WordReference thesaurus. Weve arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

1 293 other words – similar meaning. To put an end to or make extinct. How to use extinguish in a sentence.

Synonyms for extinguish fire include put out douse extinguish quench blanket dowse snuff out out smother and snuff. Top synonyms for extinguish other words for extinguish on this page are decimate rub out and uproot. Extinguish definition to put out a fire light etc.

Psychology To bring about the extinction of a conditioned response. See Synonyms at annihilate. Put out the flame of something burning or lighted.

Find another word for extinguish. Synonyms discussion and more. Her death extinguished the dream of family that was closest to his heart Karen Lystra.

Extinguish definition is – to bring to an end. Another way to say Extinguish. Synonyms for Extinguish other words and phrases for Extinguish.

Blanket douse put out Antonyms. Synonyms for extinguish in Free Thesaurus. Put out stifle smother blow out douse Collins English Thesaurus.

EXTINGUISH EXTINGUISH is a 10 letter word starting with E and ending with H Synonyms crossword answers and other related words for EXTINGUISH We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word extinguish will help you to finish your crossword today. Another word for extinguish. Synonyms do away with drown eliminate obliterate rationalise except take out rationalize wipe out exclude omit leave out cancel out leave off get rid of cut destroy decouple snuff out cut out prune knock out destruct.

Make an end of.

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