How Many Sides Does A Regular Polygon Have

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Regular polygons may be either convex or starIn the limit a sequence of regular polygons with an increasing number of sides approximates a circle if the perimeter or area is fixed or a regular apeirogon effectively a straight line. Correct option is.

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Subtract 120n from both sides.

How many sides does a regular polygon have. A polygon is a plane shape bounded by a finite chain of straight lines. A is the length of the apothem inradius n is the number of sides. For polygons with more than 10 sides many mathematicians use the more manageable n-gon form.

The formulas below give the length of the side of regular polygon given the number of sides and either the radius or apothem. A regular polygon has one interior angle that measures 160 degrees. First set the formula for each interior angle equal to the number of degrees given.

How many sides does it have—–Since its a regular polygon all the interior angles are equal so theyre all 160 degs. Find the number of sides of a regular polygon if one interior angle is 60 degrees. Each interior angle of a regular polygon measures 135.

Expand the left side. The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is 180n-2. Find the number of sides of a regular polygon if one interior angle is 120 degrees.

For example they call the hexahectaheptacontakaidigon a 672-gon. The regular polygon has 6 sides and this is called a hexagon. 1 See answer shaynawardle14 is waiting for your help.

When the number of sides n is equal to 3 it is an equilateral triangle and when n 4 is is a square. It does not matter which side you choose. Now add 360 to both sides.

In Euclidean geometry a regular polygon is a polygon that is equiangular all angles are equal in measure and equilateral all sides have the same length. Each angle is the total over n in this case 160 degs. How many sides does the polygon have.

1 with the sum of th. Some other polygons are the heptagon the tridecagon the heptacontagon and the hexahectaheptacontakaidigon. We go through 2 examples.

It is a regular polygon so we can use the formula. In a dodecagon n 12. When a regular polygon has n sides we can determine the measure of one of its interior angles which are the angles inside the polygon where the sides meet using the formula eqdisplaystyle.

All central angles would add up to 360 a full circle so the measure of the central angle is 360 divided by the number of sides. Finally divide both sides by 60. How many sides does a regular polygon have if the measure of an exterior angle is 2 4 0.

Learn how to find the number of sides in a polygon in this free math video tutorial by Marios Math Tutoring. – 355041 shaynawardle14 shaynawardle14 03152015 Mathematics High School How many sides does a regular polygon have that has an angle of rotation equal to 18 degrees. Subtract 135n from both sides of the.

Multiply both sides by n. Side length given the apothem inradius If you know the apothem distance from the center of the polygon to the midpoint of any side – see figure above where. Multiply 180 by n 2.

You know that each of the interior angles is 165 degrees so that gives you half of your equation 165 times n or 165n. How many sides does a regular polygon have that has an angle of rotation equal to 20. All sides are equal length placed around a common center so that all angles between sides are also equal.

Or as a formula. Here let the number of sides of the polygon be n. You can have polygons with so many sides they appear to be circles even when they are not.

Where n is the number of sides The measure of the central angle thus depends only on the number of sides. Add your answer and earn. How many sides does a regular polygon have that has an angle of rotation equal to 18 degrees.

A regular polygon is a polygon that is both equiangular and equilateral. These shapes have seven 13 70 and 672 sides respectively. Simplify and solve for n.

160 180n-2n 160n 180n – 360-20n -360. Learn how to determine the number of sides of a regular polygon. How many sides does a regular polygon have if one exterior angle is 90 degrees.

First assume the polygon has n sides then it would also have n interior angles. Once you get above 10 sides most mathematics students just say n-gon where n is the number of sides or interior angles as in a 18-gon or a 25-gon rather than trying to remember the Greek-origin name. How many lines of symmetry will it have – 342967.

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