Which Of The Following Is Characteristic Of The Phylum Platyhelminthes?

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A closed circulatory system 15. Bilaterally symmetrical with the definite polarity of head and tail ends.

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They are dorsoventrally flattened.

Which of the following is characteristic of the phylum platyhelminthes?. Which of the following is characteristic of the phylum Platyhelminthes. Platyhelminthes is a phylum of triploblastic invertebrates commonly known as flatworms. Presence of parenchyma in the body cavity.

There 25000 known species. 1 An osmoregulatory excretory system consisting of ducts and protonephridia with flame cells. The animal phylum most like the protists that gave rise to the animal kingdom is _____.

They typically reproduce asexually. Having male and female parts. The classification of Platyhelminthes are given below.

They are bilaterally symmetrical and dorsoventrally flattened triploblastic worm. The body has a soft covering with or without cilia. General Characteristics and Its Classification.

The animals of Phylum Platyhelminthes are worm-like animals with soft and unsegmented bodies. The body is soft and unsegmented. Some species of rotifers consist solely of females.

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of annelids. They exhibit bilateral symmetry. Which of the following is characteristic of the phylum Platyhelminthes.

Unique Characteristics of Platyhelminthes. Breathing through the skin. Phylum Platyhelminthes flatworms characteristics They are free-living commensal or parasitic.

They may be free-living or parasites. They are characterized by bilateral symmetry absence of a body cavity no respiratory and circulatory organs and well-developed flame cells to carry out the excretory function. See Concept 333 Page 692 They are all parasitic.

All flatworms phylum Platyhelminthes flat-worm have the following main characteristics or functional homologies that distinguish them from other animals. They are radially symmetrical. They are soft and have thin bodies.

The representatives of the phylum Platyhelminthes are commonly known as the flatworms or tapeworms. The word Platyhelminthes is derived from the Greek word platy meaning flat and helminth meaning worm. Phylum Platyhelminthes tripoloblastic acoelomate bilateral symmetry The water vascular system of echinoderms It is a network of hydraulic canals unique to echinoderms that branches into extensions called tube feet.

Which of the following is a characteristic of cnidarians. They look like ribbons because of their flat bodied appearance. They are dorsoventrally flattened.

They do not have a body cavity and are acoelomate. Which of the following is characteristic of the phylum Platyhelminthes. They typically reproduce asexually.

They are dorsoventrally flattened. Some of the characteristics that distinguish the organisms belonging to phylum Platyhelminthes from others are. Habitat includes marine freshwater and damp soil.

They include planarians such like Dugesia and flukes such like the sheep liver fluke as. Presence of flame cells. Also they are triploblastic with three germ layers.

Animals that are segmented and have jointed appendages and an exoskeleton are members of the phylum a. They are simple soft-bodied bilaterian unsegmented invertebrate animals. A concentration of sense organs and nervous system at the anterior end of the body.

They are radially symmetrical. Britannica Their body is dorsoventrally flattened. Characteristic features of Phylum Platyhelminthes Source.

Platyhelminthes have the following important characteristics. They are triploblastic acoelomate and bilaterally symmetrical. Feeding off of another organism.

2 Flatworms have a dorsoventrally flattened body. They are mostly parasitic with a few free-living. They are all parasitic.

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Phylum Platyhelminthes Characteristics Classification Examples


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Phylum Platyhelminthes Characteristics Examples Questions Videos

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