Pillage Means

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The barbarians pillaged every conquered city. PILLAGE used as a noun is rare.

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Several acts of intentional pillage destruction and burning were attributed to the parties in conflict.

Pillage means. Pillage in AZ Dictionary v To rob of products by power especially in period of war. Perhaps akin to Greek pīlos felt. To pillage is a term of war that means to take everything of value from a place that youve conquered but these days pillage can be used to talk about anyone who takes whats not theirs.

Loot booty pillage plunder prize swag dirty money noun goods or money obtained illegally plundering pillage pillaging verb. What does pillage mean. A conquering army had to pillage entire cities taking everything of value that wasnt nailed down.

PILLAGE verb The verb PILLAGE has 1 sense. From Middle English booty from Old French from piller to take by ruse plunder manhandle from Vulgar Latin pīliāre perhaps originally meaning to deprive someone of his felt cap and derived from Latin pilleus pīleus felt cap given to an ancient Roman freedman as a symbol of his emancipation. The taking by violence of private property by a victorious army from the citizens or subjects of the enemy.

Princetons WordNet 000 0 votesRate this definition. ˈpɪlɪdʒ the act of stealing something from a place or a person by using violence especially during war. PILLAGE used as a verb is very rare.

An example of pillage is holding a knife to someones back and taking their money and jewelry. PILLAGE noun The noun PILLAGE has 2 senses. To take as booty.

See more words with the same meaning. The two words share more than a first syllable. To strip ruthlessly of money or goods by open violence as in war.

Pillaging synonyms pillaging pronunciation pillaging translation English dictionary definition of pillaging. Aggression hostility – violent action that is hostile and. The others only the thing or things taken.

To lose be defeated fail. Settlements pillaged by Vikings Where would despoil be a reasonable alternative to pillage. To rob of goods by force especially in time of war.

Perhaps a reference to rape and pillage The Raptors got pillaged in their last game. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites. Take as spoils Familiarity information.

Verb used without object pillaged pillaging. To pirate or obtain digital goods illegally. While all these words mean to lay waste by plundering or destroying pillage implies ruthless plundering at will but without the completeness suggested by sack.

Looting also referred to as sacking ransacking plundering despoiling despoliation and pillaging is the indiscriminate taking of goods by force as part of a military or political victory or during a catastrophe such as war natural disaster where law and civil enforcement are temporarily ineffective or rioting. Pillaged pillaging pillages v. It wasnt enough just to win a battle.

Pilfer comes from an old word meaning booty as in things that are stolen or taken by force especially during a war and pillage means to take things from a place by force especially during a war But despite their similarities the words in modern use are very different. Pillage also denotes the act. V To simply take because spoils.

V To just take spoils by force. Pillage is defined as to take something by force. Verb used with object pillaged pillaging.

To take as spoils. Some common synonyms of pillage are despoil devastate ravage sack and waste. This in modern times is seldom allowed and then only when authorized by the commander or chief officer at the place where the pillage is committed.

They have survived a thousand years of floods droughts wars pillage and destruction. These cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners. The act of stealing valuable things from a place Familiarity information.

Goods or money obtained illegally 2.

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