What Does Countenance Mean

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How to use countenance in a sentence. Tolerate sanction endorse condone support encourage approve endure brook stand for informal hack slang put up with informal He would not countenance his daughter marrying while she was still a student.

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It is the expression appearing on the face of the Lord as He looks upon His people.

What does countenance mean. 1 The noun see also under the word FACE is the translation of a variety of Hebrew and Greek expressions p. Formal and explicit approval 3. 2 As verb Hebrew hadhar to countenance we find the word in the King James Version of Exodus 233 where the Revisers translate Neither shalt thou favor the King James Version countenance a poor man in his cause Here the meaning seems to be that no distinction of persons shall be made by the judge.

The phrase is most well-known for its use in Aarons blessing also called the Aaronic Blessing in Numbers 624-26. The word countenance is simply the word pani which is often translated as face or before but since God does not really have a face to see and He is omnipresent so He is always standing before us beside us behind us and all around us we cannot translate it as face or before. 8 uses exact meaning not specified.

Literally the contents of a body. Even as good shone upon the countenance of the one evil was written broadly and plainly on the face of the other. The definition of countenance is the look on a face that shows expression.

Literally the contents of a body the outline and extent which constitutes the whole figure or external appearance. He was of noble countenance. To this is opposed the falling and the casting down of the countenance of which see Genesis 456 Job 2924.

It can bring great joy Thou hast made Him exceeding glad with thy countenance Psalm 216. COUNTENANCE used as a noun is uncommon. Countenance noun FACE C or U the appearance or expression of someones face.

Later in the 14th century this developed into the current sense the look or expression on a persons face. A stern visage sanction countenance endorsement indorsement warrant imprimatur noun. If youre a great poker player you probably have a calm countenance.

The outline and extent which constitutes the whole figure or external appearance. The English noun countenance comes from Middle English from Old French contenance countenance behavior bearing Its original meaning in the 13th century came directly from the Old French. The noun countenance means the face or its expression.

Appropriately the human face the whole form of the face or system of features visage. An example of countenance is wide eyes and a bright smile indicating joy. Countenance is another word for face or more specifically visage meaning facial expression.

In times of despair His countenance gives sustenance. See of this phrase Psalm 46 Proverbs 1615. Countenance definition is – look expression.

The human face kisser and smiler and mug are informal terms for face and phiz is British Familiarity information. Definition and meaningCOUNTENANCE koun-te-nans. Look upon thee with a cheerful and pleasant countenance as one that is reconciled to thee and well pleased with thee and thy offerings and services.

Or regard protect and help thee. The appearance conveyed by a persons face 2. When Gods countenance is lifted up in grace upon us He gives perfect peace of soul.

Countenance visage noun the appearance conveyed by a persons face a pleasant countenance. The climax of the blessing is a beautiful reference to the Lords countenance and its power.

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