Pretense In A Sentence

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The body found matched his description and the bondsman hol din g a 3000 bond on him was released of the obligation that same year on the pretense that the client had. Only pretense remains and is worn proudly.

Pretense Words Definitions Facts

Definition of pretense a claim that is not real Examples of pretense in a sentence Under the pretense of being helpful the sneaky insurance salesman sold the woman a policy that provided her with few benefits.

Pretense in a sentence. His pretense didnt last very long. Pretence in a sentence 1. The pretence that they want him to translate them or to decipher them is all fudge.

Under the pretense of being helpful the sneaky insurance salesman sold the woman a policy that provided her with few benefits. Pretense definition pretending or feigning. Krazy falls for the pretence and starts to feel guilt.

But sir this cannot avail or give the least color to the pretence of a repeal. The pretense is the result of terror of rejection just as it is in the Middle Class form though reasons for possible rejection are worlds apart from the Middle Class conditioning. Welland made a pretence of writing a note in his pad.

Welland made a pretence of writing a note in his pad. Barclay had made no pretence of being a cavalryman on the strength of his assignment to that arm. You cant keep up the pretense any longer.

The suggestion that people are arbitrarily reliving the past and exploiting it under the pretense of creating art strikes her as an affront. But Jambu sees through her pretences and makes bold to molest her. Variable noun A pretence is an action or way of behaving that is intended to make people believe something that is not true.

To profess something false rather than the real intention or purpose. A jazz-age screwball comedy riff on Molières biting sat ire of pretense and learning. My sleepiness was all pretense.

Pretense in a sentence 1. Byron opened his mouth like a goldfish and they could not keep the pretence up. Its difficult to see pretence in a sentence.

The whistle cuts through all fantasy and pretense. Pretense cannot sustain blind. Lets cut out the pretense.

Examples of Pretence in a sentence. For two years he managed to keep up the pretence but Peter somehow found out. Although Ann made a pretence of disinterest when her son talked about his fathers girlfriend she was really curious about the woman.

Tollitt made no pretense of being surprised. A claim that is not real. They kept up continued a pretense of normality as long as they could.

Examples of Pretense in a sentence. There is not so much as a colourable pretence that any American had a hand in the matter. It negates that false pretense.

Prɪˈtens a way of behaving that is intended to deceive people. They knew Bruce would be wary of pretense. He made no pretence of great musical knowledge.

A claim made or implied. Johns pretence of wealth included renting a luxury sedan to convince his friends of his success. Abandoning any pretense at politeness they ran for the door.

Of We have to go along with the pretence that things are getting better. By her brave pretence that all was well she was persuading herself that all could be made well. How to use pretense in a sentence.

Heather knows if she does not keep up a pretense of wealth she will be excluded from the social gatherings of her rich friends. An example of a pretense is when you pretend to be friends with someone you dont like. Behavior used to trick or deceive other people.

A pretentious act or assertion See the full definition. The definition of a pretense is a false impression a false claim or an attempt to make a falsehood appear true. How To Use Pretence In A Sentence.

Pretense is the predictable outcome of their apparently reasonable proposal that irony involves a double audience. She made absolutely no pretense of being interested. If you want a pretence to whip a dog say that he ate the frying-pam.

Pretence in a sentence – Use pretence in a sentence 1. The weather seemed to be a pretense for a storm windy and hinting toward a tempest. Give me the courage or pretense.

Besides he has no tolerance for the pomp pageantry and pretense of the whole show. She was unable to keep up the pretence that she loved. Definition of Pretence.

In many Middle Class homes the pretense is enforced as hard or harder than it is in public in an effort to prepare one for the big bad world. Id go under pretense of his. Pretense in a sentence The Story.

Pretense in a sentence pretense example sentences So lets stop the pretense. It was all an elaborate pretence. With time the pretence of voluntary resettlement was dropped.

One not supported by fact. Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature Only the most deplorable ignorance and factiousness could base a pretence of dogmatic difference on such a foundation. An example of a pretense is when you claim to be an expert in something you arent.

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