Which Of The Following Are Examples Of Heterochromatin?

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DNA can be isolated from cells and the different types of DNA from the cell can be separated by density gradient centrifugation. Which Of The Following Are Examples Of Heterochromatin In A Mammalian Chromosome.

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Barr body centromeres telomeres etc are examples of various heterochromatin.

Which of the following are examples of heterochromatin?. There are two kinds of Heterochromatin. In regions of highly condensed chromatin such as the centromere the boundary between heterochromatin and euchromatin is variable. For example most of the regions of Y chromosome is constitutionally heterochromatic.

The distinguishing characteristic of heterochromatin is the prevalence of genetically inactive sequences that are called satellite sequences. The human genome contains over 3 billion base pairs or nucleotides. The following figures show the density gradient centrifugation profiles for DNA isolated from four different cell types.

Select All That Apply. What is chromatin heterochromatin and euchromatin. This information is contained in approximately 20000 genes which surprisingly represent only a.

Facultative Heterochromatin Facultative heterochromatin contains the inactive genes in the genome. Genes that are near this boundary region can be influenced by either. At the centromere these heterochromatic repetitive sequences facilitate binding of spindle fibers during segregation of homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids.

Heterochromatin is a form of chromatin that is densely packedas opposed to euchromatin which is lightly packedand is found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cellsWhereas euchromatin allows the DNA to be replicated and transcribed heterochromatin is in such a condensed structure that it does not enable DNA and RNA polymerases to access the DNA therefore. Heterochromatin maintains the structural integrity of the genome and allows the regulation of gene expression. Euchromatin is dispersed and not readily stainable.

Facultative Heterochromatin occurs in one of a pair of homologs. The distinct examples of heterochromatin are telomere centromere and repetitive DNA. Telomerase DNA SINE DNA variable number tandem repeat VNTR DNA.

The centromere is DNA. Euchromatin allows the genes to be transcribed and variation to occur within the genes. Constitutive Heterochromatin is virtually present in all stages of an organisms life cycle.

There are many kinds of heterochromatin. Constitutive Heterochromatin More permanent form of heterochromatin which is associated with structural elements repetitive sequences and transposons that are permanently silenced. An example of facultative heterochromatin is X chromosome inactivation in female mammals.

Some regions in the chromosomes belong to the constitutive heterochromatin. Centromeric DNA Telomeric DNA Barr Body Repetitive DNA Nucleosome X Chromosome Y Chromosome ATTENTION. Hence all the given options are correct.

Called heterochromatin and euchromatin uniform in the genetic information they contain separated by large stretches of repetitive DNA. I Have Chosen Centromeric DNA Telomeric DNA Barr Body And Repetitive DNA The Answer Was Wrong. Barr body is an inactivated X chromosome in females.

This problem has been solved. Heterochromatin associated with repressed genes that can be turned on or off during development. Therefore it generally comprises the repetitive sequences of DNA.

Plant animal wild-type yeast with a plasmid and petite yeast. One X chromosome is packaged as facultative heterochromatin and silenced while the other X chromosome is packaged as euchromatin and expressed. Heterochromatin can epigenetically administer the expression of nearby genes resulting in varied phenotypes in genetically identical cells.

Which of the following are examples of heterochromatin in mammals. The best-known example of facultative heterochromatin is the inactive X chromosome of female mammals in which one of the X chromosomes is permanently inactivated early in development apparently as a means of dosage compensation so that the amount of X-chromosome gene products produced is similar in males with only one X and in females with two X chromosomes. All of the following are examples of repetitive DNA EXCEPT _____.

Barr body centromeric DNA nucleosome X chromosome repetitive DNA telomeric DNA. These are classified into two types as constitutive and facultative heteroc view the full answer Previous question Next question. Select the three correct examples.

Hence it is not a permanent feature of the cells nucleus but it can be seen in. Which Of The Following Are Examples Of Heterochromatin In A Mammalian Chromosome. Nucleosome Centromeric DNA Repetitive DNA Y Chromosome Barr Body Telomeric DNA X Chromosome.

Euchromatin and Heterochromatin The DNA in the nucleus exists in two forms that reflect the level of activity of the cell. The heterochromatin is the tightly packed form of DNA. These nucleotides which are arranged in a linear sequence along DNA deoxyribonucleic acid encode every protein and genetic trait in the human body.

Telomeric repetitive sequences are involved in the maintenance of the chromosomes structural integrity. Heterochromatin appears as small darkly staining irregular particles scattered throughout the nucleus or accumulated adjacent to the nuclear envelope. Select All That Apply.

Repetitive DNA is often associated with heterochromatin. Telomeres and centromeres Barr bodies one of the X chromosomes genes 1 9 and 16 of humans are some examples of heterochromatin. Chromatin structure is dynamic.

Which of the following are examples of heterochromatin-centromeric DNA-telomeric DNA-Barr body-repetitive DNA.

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