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Due to Aunt Loris weeklong visit we planned several amusing activities to fill the time. Use amusing in a sentence What an amusing situation.

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He had a terrific sense of humour and could be very amusing.

Amusing sentence. Examples of Amusing in a sentence As Bobo the Clown entertained the group of three-year olds it made for an amusing time for everyone. Enjoy these hilarious and funny funny sentences jokes. 13114 likes 6 talking about this.

A collection of funny sentences jokes and funny sentences puns. I saw an amusing comedy last night. Weve collected the best of funny sentences jokes and puns just for you.

Amusing definition pleasantly entertaining or diverting. Funny sentences and phrases from. How To Use Amusing In A Sentence.

The otherwise dreary book is enlivened by some very amusing illustrations. Amusing in a sentence 31. I didnt find the joke at all amusing.

At the comedy show my wife thought the act was humorous but I didnt find it funny at all. Recent Examples on the Web Fittingly Paulsons presence ups the affable and amusing aspects of the show with ease as the duo discusses her impressive career. Amusing Examples of Humorous in a sentence The humorous video went viral after a few million-people found the dancing cat to be funny enough to share.

Spoiled Billy had an amusing birthday party but the happiness wore off when the party was over. Sentence Examples He was relatively short in stature and often amusing on account of his klutzy habits. Funny humorous gratifying laughable More Synonyms of amusing amusingly adverb ADVERB with verb ADVERB adjective.

It is amusing and pathetic to see Helen with her dolls. She told the children an amusing story. It was amusing to hear her tell the story.

His mock heroics are to say the least amusing and among these may be mentioned Myszeis where he describes how King Popiel according to the legend was eaten up by rats. I dont find his jokes at all amusing. It was none the less an amusing portrayal which fitted in with the high spirits of the evening if not into the household.

Good sentence like quote proverb Amusing in a sentence 1. The waspish little mutiny was so amusing that Si had to smile in spite of himself. It means against expectations in Greek and typically puts the first part of the sentence in a new and humorous context.

Examples of amusing in a Sentence Hes one of the most amusing people I know. Amuse divert entertain mean to occupy the attention with something pleasant. Funny and enjoyable an amusing storygameincident She writes very amusing letters.

You will say to yourself Who on Earth would say such things with our featured Funny Phrases and Stupid Sentences and How did this come to be. Someone or something that is amusing makes you laugh or smile. Amusing Sentence Examples It was sweet and amusing by turns.

Amusing in a sentence esp. You are quite as unjust and not so amusing or clever in your injustice in England. That which amuses is usually playful or humorous and pleases the fancy.

Keep reading for examples of well-known paraprosdokians from comedy literature and music. Divert implies turning the attention from serious thoughts or pursuits to something light amusing or lively. He was fond of amusing himself with children and would join in all their little sports.

40 Funny Sentences You Wont Expect A paraprosdokian is a sentence or statement with an unexpected ending.

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