What Does Permissible Mean

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That may be accepted or conceded Familiarity information. Permissible exposure limits are established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA.

A Person Will Be Called To Account On Judgement Day For Every Permissible Thing He Might Have Enjoyed But Did Not Talmud Words Always Remember You Person

A permissible amount of sentimentality under the circumstances.

What does permissible mean. For maximum concentration of any chemical in the air to which a worker may be exposed continuously for eight hours without any danger to health and safety. Permissible If something is permissible you are allowed to have it or do it because it does not break any rules laws or conventions. I have the right to do anything you saybut not everything is beneficial.

Its true that believers are set free from following legalistic rules about what to eat and drink. So morally permissable means the behaviors the public tolerates like smoking and drinking. Expression meaning that one should not criticize someone else for a mistake that heshe also makes or a flaw that heshe also has.

Permissible definition that can be permitted. Such behavior is not permissible. All things are lawful but not all things are constructive to character andedifying to spiritual life.

The EU had decreed it was not permissible to charge female drivers less for insurance. Permissible exposure limit PEL is the legal limit in the US. Permissible allowable adj that may be permitted especially as according to rule.

PEL is established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA. Permissible They simply deny that the agentneutral values of options have any bearing on what is permissible. And 2 no legal or regulatory requirement or obligation in that Country exists.

Permissible adj that may be accepted or conceded. What does permissible mean. I have the right to do anythingbut not everything is constructive 1 Corinthians 1023 NIV.

Permissible definition is – that may be permitted. Most of OSHAs PELs were issued shortly after adoption of the Occupational Safety and Health OSH Act in 1970. Legally permissible means with respect to any particular Country that 1 no legal or regulatory requirement or obligation on the part of SITA SC or the applicable SITA Group Company or the in-Country Network Operations exists with regard to the operation of the Network in that Country that would prevent the relevant Network Resources in that Country from being transferred to Equant.

Towing caravans up to 230m wide are permissible in Norway. Religious practices are permissible under the Constitution. A permissible tax deduction.

Pəʳmɪsəbəl adjective usually verb-link ADJECTIVE If something is permissible it is considered to be acceptable because it does not break any laws or rules. 26 As long as any advert does not bring the profession into disrepute nor is in bad taste then it is permissible. Permissible behavior in school.

27 Development plans show future road improvements which may affect development for example where new access on to an existing road is not permissible. Morally mandatory means moral have tos like no underage drinking and no killing. Everything Is Permissible Everything is permissible for me was a saying that was being used to justify all sorts of forbidden activities like eating meat devoted to idols and a variety of immoral sexual behaviors.

How to use permissible in a sentence. From the Cambridge English Corpus Based on simulations they observe that recombination together with synergistic or diminishing epistasis increases or decreases permissible mutation rates and genome sizes. That may be permitted especially as according to rule.

All things are lawful that is morally legitimate permissible but not all things are beneficial oradvantageous. A kind of speculation that was permissible in cosmology but inadmissible in medicine. The permissible exposure limit PEL or OSHA PEL is a legal limit in the United States for exposure of an employee to a chemical substance or physical agent such as high level noise.

PERMISSIBLE used as an adjective is rare. Some translations use punctuation to bring out that meaning putting everything is permissible or its equivalent in quotation marks. PERMISSIBLE adjective The adjective PERMISSIBLE has 2 senses.

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