What Does Transcend Mean

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In philosophy transcendence is the basic ground concept from the words literal meaning from Latin of climbing or going beyond albeit with varying connotations in its different historical and cultural stagesIt includes philosophies systems and approaches that describe the fundamental structures of being not as an ontology theory of being but as the framework of emergence and. He transcends His creation.

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God is other different from His creation.

What does transcend mean. The underlying message of the film is that love transcends everything else. Exceed transcend surpass verb be greater in scope or size than some standard Their loyalty exceeds their national bonds exceed transcend overstep pass go past top verb. Definition Surpassing excellence which may be either relative or absolute.

After spending most of its final season on the concept of Transcendence were still not entirely sure. Transcended transcending transcends vtr. The silent state of pure transcendental consciousnessa reservoir of unlimited energy happiness and creative intelligence.

To be greater better or stronger than. An example of transcend is a student who is very gifted. To triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of.

Find love recognition and acceptance that transcends stereotype class age poverty and physical imperfection Catherine Orenstein. He is independent and different from His creatures Isaiah 558-9. To rise above surpass succeed By this definition God is the only truly transcendent Being.

When I hear anyone say that a Black person has transcended race I cringe. To transcend means to exist above and independent from. According to Websters dictionary to transcend something is to rise above or go beyond the limits of.

He is beyond it and not limited by it or to it. A theological term referring to the relation of God to creation. In religion transcendence is the aspect of a deitys nature and power that is wholly independent of the material universe beyond all known physical lawsThis is contrasted with immanence where a god is said to be fully present in the physical world and thus accessible to creatures in various waysIn religious experience transcendence is a state of being that has overcome the limitations of.

This is transcendingthe experience of the fourth state of consciousness. Usage examples of transcend. To transcend is to be superior or to excel.

To be greater than as in quality or. Transcend definition to rise above or go beyond. The mind comes to a state of perfect rest but remains awake in its state of maximum comprehension.

JupiterNeptune are a different flavor than Saturn. Trænˈsend to go further rise above or be more important or better than something especially a limit. An example of transcend is a work of art that is extremely moving.

Verb to rise above or go beyond the limits of. Find another word for transcend. The female wickedness of running a brothel far transcended the loan of the.

The best films are those which transcend national or cultural barriers. With the aforementioned definition of transcend in mind I wonder to myself what does one mean when they use the phrase transcend race. The technical definition of transcend is to rise above or go beyond the limits of.

26 synonyms of transcend from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 45 related words definitions and antonyms. Our desire to. It is relative when the excellence surpasses some objects below it as human nature transcends the irrational creation.

To pass beyond the limits of a category or conception for instance. To transcend the limits of thought. The LORD God Almighty in Hebrew El Shaddai created all things on the earth beneath the earth and in the heavens above yet He exists above and independent from them.

That does not sound like enduring or putting up with to me. To transcend means that your focus of your attention of your conscious awareness changes from the apparently material dimension our human world to your Soul into the in-between dimension the dimension between earth and Heaven. To be prior to beyond and above the universe or material existence.

Ostensibly it means that an entire species casts off their physical form and joins with the. A thing is said to be assumable as being capable of being assumed by a Divine Person and this capability cannot be taken with reference to the natural passive power which does not extend to what transcends the natural order as the personal union of a creature with God transcends it.

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