What Does Prodigious Mean

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Meaning vast enormous is from 1601. The state or condition of being prodigious.

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What does prodigious mean. In a prodigious manner. Prodigious is a word for things that are impressive. From Latin prodigiosus from prodigium portent see prodigy.

Impressively great in size force or extent. Enormously wonderfully astonishingly or impressively. What does prodigious mean.

Of momentous or ominous significance 3. Colossal prodigious stupendous adj so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe. This is a strong word thats also kind of formal.

Propitious which comes to us through Middle English from the Latin word propitius same meaning as propitious is a synonym of favorable and auspicious All three essentially mean pointing toward a happy outcome with some differences of emphasis. How to use prodigious in a sentence. Prodigious definition extraordinary in size amount extent degree force etc.

She wrote a truly prodigious number of novels. Slumry commented on the word prodigious. Prodigiosus strange wonderful marvelous from prodigium see prodigy.

Prəˈdɪdʒəs extremely great in ability amount or strength. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word prodigious. 1552 having the appearance of a prodigy from L.

A prodigious research grant. What does prodigiousness mean. 1 Oh she doth teach the torches to burn bright 2 Never have I seen such beauty til this night When Romeo first sees Juliet his sad mood suddenly changes.

The adjective PRODIGIOUS has 3 senses. Write two phrases that Romeo uses to describe Juliet. Today prodigy usually refers to a precocious youngster.

A prodigious talent. Prodigious definition is – causing amazement or wonder. Far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree.

Something that is prodigious is very large or impressive. Prodigious enormous They were all silent but their hearts contracted remembering Antiphates the Laistrygon and that prodigious cannibal the Kyklops. But the word had much different connotations in Shakespeares time.

Synonym Discussion of prodigious. What does prodigiously mean. Late 15th century in the sense portentous.

Book 10 – The Grace of the Witch 34 in There are no more uses of prodigious in The Odyssey – translated by. Princetons WordNet 500 2 votesRate this definition. So great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe 2.

If your cat had a prodigious litter of kittens then youve got a houseful of kittens. She was a prodigious musician. Seanahan you will be glad to hear.

If you have prodigious strength youre very strong. A prodigy was someone or something abnormal a monstrosity.

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