What Does Attentive Mean

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Attentively meaning In an attentive manner. Attentive definition characterized by or giving attention.

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Giving close and thoughtful attention Familiarity information.

What does attentive mean. While the maximum length of a text message is 500 characters we recommend you keep messages under 160 charactersthe standard text message segment length. Offering attentions in or as if in the role of a suitor. 1 adj taking heed.

Video shows what attentive means. Adjective If you are attentive you are paying close attention to what is being said or done. Giving close and thoughtful attention Synonyms.

Special characters like emojis can adjust the character-count length. Attentively definition while giving attention. Webster Dictionary 000 0 votes Rate this definition.

What does attenuative mean. What does attentive mean. ATTENTIVE used as an adjective is rare.

Ask if they need anything when you get up to go to the kitchen. A key ingredient to creating a wow customer service experience is your ability to be attentive and to actively engage through the use of strong listening skillsWe have to be attentive during EVERY interaction with the customer otherwise there will be a disconnect between what the customer is saying both verbally and nonverbally and what you are doing. Attentive definition is – mindful observant.

Information and translations of attenuative in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Often followed by to giving care or attention attentive to details the nurse was attentive to her patient and an attentive suitor Taking heed. Very attentive is a paraphrase for what is literally rendered in the Revised Version British and American the people all hung upon him listening exekremeto.

Often followed by to giving care or attention. Intent distracted preoccupied careless dreamy absent-minded heedless inattentive unmindful unheeding. Asking questions is a simple way to be more attentive.

He was very attentive to her when she was ill. Ask your partner about their day. Lastly you can manually opt someone out through Attentives dashboard.

How long can a text message be. Having the mind fixed on something. 22 synonyms of attentive from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 70 related words definitions and antonyms.

How to use attentive in a sentence. Expresses the direction of thought and interest toward some one point. Attentive adjective HELPING If someone is attentive they are very helpful and take care of you.

He wishes the government would be more attentive to detail in their response. Heedless unheeding marked by or paying little heed or attention careless regardless usually followed by of without due thought or consideration deaf indifferent usually followed by to unwilling or. Heedful paying attention thoughtful Antonyms.

Heedful of the comfort of others. Ask how theyre feeling. Information and translations of attentive in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Ask how their. ATTENTIVE adjective The adjective ATTENTIVE has 2 senses. Find another word for attentive.

Heedful paying attention and thoughtful. Noticing watching listening or attending closely. What does attentive mean.

She is an attentive listener but does not like to talk much. Giving close and thoughtful attention Synonyms. A child who always carefully listens to his mothers directions is an example of someone who is attentive.

The vast majority of the attentive audience applauded these sentiments. Same Hebrew word as attend and is used particularly in prayers Psalms 1302. The definition of attentive is paying attention to or being thoughtful of others.

A good teacher is always attentive to their students needs. Intent listening concentrating careful alert awake mindful watchful observant studious on your toes heedful regardful I wish you would be more attentive to detail.

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