Irrepressible Definition

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When my anxiety becomes irrepressible I usually have a panic attack. OUR CHURCHES AND CHAPELS ATTICUS.

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Irreprehensible definition is – not reprehensible.

Irrepressible definition. Not controllable Examples of Irrepressible in a sentence. A swampy wide road and more of the irrepressible mill element constituted the whole of the scene presented. Jason could not control his irrepressible temper.

Difficult or impossible to control or restrain. How to use irreprehensible in a sentence. Information and translations of IRRÉPRESSIBLE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Full of energy and enthusiasm. 1963 July 12 People Time. Definition from Wiktionary the free dictionary.

What does IRRÉPRESSIBLE mean. However some desires are simply irrepressible. Adjective above suspicion blameless circumspect exalted faultless free from fault free of guilt guiltless honest impeccable.

It was Paris irrepressible High Fashion Doyenne Gabrielle Coco Chanel 80 so-soing this and high-hatting that while Womens Wear Daily took notes. Even the rain failed to dampen his irrepressible spirits. That struggle is an irrepressible conflict existing in all nature and from which man cannot escape.

Definition of Irrepressible. ADAMS But not so. 1901 Frank Norris The Octopus Book II Conclusion.

Quon ne peut arrêter réprimer. A child giggling while being tickled is an example of irrepressible. The irrepressible Yank is knocking at the doors of their temples and he will want to sell em carpet-sweepers for their harems.

An irrepressible person is lively and energetic and never seems to be depressed. The irrepressible comedian refused to tone his jokes down for the Christian audience. Irrepressible comes from the word repress which means restrain or reject If you have a desire to become an actor but are worried about financial security you might repress your calling for the stage and opt for law school instead.

Free from blame or reproach. Irrepressible definition is – impossible to repress restrain or control. An irrepressible figure Demarcos commitment to bringing radical artists to Scotland remains undiminished For they know that within you is a force that is like that of a hurricane – wild natural untamed and irrepressible.

Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. How to use irrepressible in a sentence. THE INHUMANITY OF SOCIALISM EDWARD F.

Irrepressible – WordReference English dictionary questions discussion and forums. The definition of irrepressible is something that cant be held back or restrained. Adjective incapable of being repressed or restrained.

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