Ethereal In A Sentence

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Of or containing or dissolved in ether 3. She wouldnt be buried in the ethereal silks of the wealthy or have her hair inlaid with flowers and perfumes.

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Use ethereal in a sentence The physical is the opposite of the ethereal and the Supernatural is the opposite of the Natural.

Ethereal in a sentence. How To Use Ethereal In A Sentence. Ethereal Sentence Examples Her hair fell softly around her face and she had an ethereal glow about her. It has that shimmering ethereal sensual nocturnal quality.

Its difficult to see ethereal in a sentence. James resists at first but captivated by her ethereal beauty capitulates and kisses her tenderly. More rarely but seen in older writings ethereal can mean heavenly or celestial as when Milton writes of an ethereal messenger in Paradise Lost.

It is isomeric with etherole and received its name from the assumption of its being the base of the ethereal compounds. The thistles were loosing their down and it floated on the wind like ethereal snow. Of or related to the chemical ether.

The word ethereal is derived from the Latin word aether meaning pure upper air sky and the suffix -ial which is used to form an adjective. Something ethereal is refined heavenly or exquisite. How to use ethereal in a sentence.

Shes the prettiest most ethereal romantic heroine in the movies. Ethereal beauty is angelic and otherwordly in quality reminiscent of a renaissance painting perhaps. IN THE ETHEREAL FIELD THE VOIDS DONT OCCUR.

Random good picture Not show 31. See also related terms for subtle. Beans o radiation sent to ethereal beds.

In chemistry there is a specialized meaning. Note the word ether within ethereal and think of the gas ether passing through the air unseen. Of heaven or the spirit 4.

Ethereal used in a sentence How to use Ethereal in a sentence as a adjective They registered a domain added a development forum wrote an ethereal sounding warning message about the coming future wrapped it in a goth inspired theme and posted it to the internet. An ethereal world created through the poetic imagination. Ethereal definition light airy or tenuous.

Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality. IS GOOGLE MOVING TOWARDS GREATER SEARCH EQUITY. Sentence example with the word ethereal ethereal adulterated bodiless dreamlike fragile heavenly lofty paradisal slimmish sylphlike unextended willowy.

Characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy. MORDY OBERSTEIN MARCH 10 2021 SEARCH ENGINE WATCH. Because of her ephemeral memory she forgets things all the time.

Similarly it can mean unworldly or spiritual. Thats not to say Coyne does only ethereal paintings. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Advocating that Google is headed towards increased search equity by pointing to an almost ethereal element that is the search engines ability to more naturally understand content is a bit abstract.

The lab was illuminated only by the ethereal. Definition of Ethereal extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. He was an ethereal spirit and as such he.

Examples of Ephemeral in a sentence Unlike graffiti sidewalk chalk art is ephemeral because it will wash away in the rain. Used in a sentence. Heavenly or supernatural Examples of Ethereal in a sentence The soprano had an ethereal voice that sounded as if she belonged in a choir of angels.

The flavor of the fat is due to the presence of a small amount of butyrin which is an ethereal salt of butyric acid. As impalpable or intangible as air 2. Ethereal – First meant resembling the ether or lightest and most subtle of elements and now means that something is impalpable or unearthly.

The music has an ethereal quality. Use ethereal in a sentence The physical is the opposite of the ethereal and the Supernatural is the opposite of the Natural. Theres this ethereal quality to his films.

The ethereal list of example sentences with ethereal. All the definitions of ethereal contain the essence of delicacy and characteristics of spirit-like form manner or thought. The thunderstorm was ephemeral starting suddenly and gone within seconds.

In nearly all the experiments of electrostatics ethereal elasticity is manifest. It was the most ethereal flight I had ever witnessed. It is a complex intricate collection of songs that like voodoo is.

But the ethereal fluid of which the existence was thus proclaimed has some singular properties. Added to this is the strange ethereal quality that marks out his characters from the normal.

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