What does subsistance mean. From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Travel and subsistence expenses describe the cost of spending on business travel meals

Universal health care is a broad term that encompasses any action that a government takes to provide health care to as many

Interjection An example of buenos dias i. Buenos días good morning Buenas tardes good afternoon Buenas noches good evening good night. Buenos

A controversy is a prolonged dispute debate or state of contention especially one that unfolds in public and involves a stark difference

What does MAD mean. Irrigation MAD abbreviation meaning defined here. Angry Quotes Never Forget What Someone Says To Your When They Re

Primitive is the simplest type of programming language item. Life in the primitive ocean. Pin By Primitive Mtn Quilts And Craft On

Lets see what Google has to say. Definition of NB from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Read Aloud Wonder

How to use countenance in a sentence. Tolerate sanction endorse condone support encourage approve endure brook stand for informal hack slang put

WHEREFORE used as a noun is very rare. The cause or intention underlying an action or situation especially in the phrase the